Crystal gifts are now introducing our new Crystal range.

Each Crystal item is beautifully handcrafted and makes the perfect gift for crystal collectors and first time crystal purchasers alike.

We do crystal hearts for all special occasions for example, crystal hearts I love you Grandad, crystal heart I love you Dad, crystal heart I love you Mum, crystal heart I love you Nan, crystal heart I love you Sister, crystal heart I love you Brother and crystal heart Thank you.

All our crystal hearts are appropriately coloured for the occasion, blue crystal, pink crystal, red crystal and natural crystal.

Here at Crystal gifts we also do crystal hearts with congratulations on your 40 th, crystal heart congratulations 50 th, crystal heart congratulations 60 th, crystal heart congratulations on your 21 st and crystal heart congratulations on your 18 th.

Moving on now to our lovely crystal collectables of crystal fruits, crystal birds, crystal roses and crystal animals.
Our ornamental crystal fruits and crystal flowers are stunning and make unique gifts for everyone whether you collect crystal yourself or are looking for a crystal present for someone.

Here at Crystal gifts we assure you our crystal is of utmost quality.

We have crystal roses in several colours including two versions of our crystal red rose, one being with a red crystal bud with clear crystal petals and our new crystal red rose being a clear crystal bud with red crystal petals.

These two red roses are in the lay down crystal rose section which also include the colours pink crystal, lilac crystal, amber crystal, blue crystal, plum crystal and natural crystal.

Our crystal standing roses also come in the colours crystal red, crystal pink, crystal lilac, crystal amber, crystal blue, crystal plum and crystal natural.

Crystal gifts is also pleased to add to our crystal collection two new crystal clowns, a miniature crystal clown which all children will love and for the serious collector we have a giant clown which has stunning colours and stands 180mm high, a centre piece for any crystal collection.

Brand new in at the end of this month we have a crystal Lilly candle holder in black and clear crystal to add to our already exciting range of crystal candle holders.

Here at crystal gifts we have extended our range of crystal collectables to include two king fishers with amazing shades of blue and amber crystal. This crystal creation has real cut glass class! Also in the bird collection we have added a crystal pink flamingo one of the nicest pieces we have ever had in our crystal range.

Crystal gifts are also introducing at the end of the month a range of crystal musical instruments to include two sizes of crystal pianos, a beautiful crystal guitar and a stunning new crystal saxophone. The piece of crystal in this range that we are really proud of at Crystal gifts are the sets of drums that come in two sizes, they are fantastic!

For those who collect specialised crystal creations we have added crystal trains, crystal planes and crystal automobiles, all stunning crystal items in their own right.
Take a look at our wonderful miniature crystal scooter another remarkable piece.

Here at Crystal gifts we are proud of our new crystal collection for 2007, each piece is handmade by skilled crafts men whose skills take many years to acquire. Each crystal creation is hand checked for quality before it arrives to you.

Thank you for taking the time to view our crystal products and we hope that you will be pleased with your purchase or purchases.